Bubble Gum!

  • Unity 3D
  • Arcade platformer
  • 9 month development, end of studies project
  • 6 team members
  • School Project (Unreleased)
  • Game production tasks

  • My work on the project

    • Project Management :
      As the producer in the team, my goal is to balance the constraints from the platform and the small team, against the ambition and expectations that both the team and school share.

      With only 6 members, including one programmer and 2 artists - none of them having animation skills to begin with - ensuring a fun and polished experience on the Switch seems like a challenge. My role in the team is to create the tools and environment to make sure we have realistic goals, and are able to achieve them.

      These include documents of course, but also sprint planning and meetings with the team. We are working with several partners as well, including schools nearby to gather data about our players.

    • Music production