Goods Train Fever

  • Unity 3D
  • Mobile puzzle game
  • One year project
  • For Railenium 2A2F
  • Released on Google Play Store
  • Game production consulting

  • My work on the project

    • Project Consulting :
      This project was created as part of a collaboration between my school and the 2A2F association, responsible for the goods transport traffic by rail in the north of France. The goal of the project was to create a game that would give the rail transport industry a fresher image while showing off its advantages, effectively enhancing public awareness.

      My role consisted of two steps; First, I had to make offers for game concept ideas that would fit both their goals and their ressources. Monthly meetings were a way for us to communicate directly and elaborate on different ideas.
      After 8 months, I had to attend presentations from several studios willing to respond to 2A2F's job offer, consider their project propositions, and advise the partners at 2A2F to choose one. This part involved working together on the pros and cons of each of the studios' offer to choose the one that best fitted the vision.

      This experience was my first as a link between game developers and clients, and also my first time working on a serious game project with partners outside from the video game industry.