• Unity 3D
  • Coop couch game
  • One week development
  • 12 team members
  • School Project (Unreleased)
  • Game production tasks

  • My work on the project

    • Project Management :
      One of my first project as a game producer in such a large team. The goal was to make sure every departement had tasks to work on. This experience helped me get a better understanding of the needs in the art and programming departments, as well as how to give a team a clear direction, and manage emergency.

      With only 5 days of development, the project was a good way for every member of the team to learn the responsibilities associated with each of their roles, in an environment that was closer to that of a professional team.

      This experience was my first time making production documents to track tasks and progress in the project, as well as organize goals for every day, and set deadlines.

    • Music production