Mighty Quest and others @Ubisoft

  • End of studies internship
  • 4 months, from September to December 2019
  • 2 projects
  • Mobile games
  • Helping on creative direction and content creation

  • My work on the project

      Assistant to the Creative Director
      As the assistant to the Creative Director at Ubisoft Paris Mobile, my role was to help in overseeing the creation and conceptualization of content for projects in development. Working with everyone on the team, the goal was to Come up with ideas for new content, as well as communicating the creative goals to the team.

      I have worked on 2 projects at once. One unannounced and Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

      My tasks included:
    • Suggesting new content to fit the vision and production goals on under-development as well as live mobile games.
    • Implementing new tools and workflow to communicate creative briefs to the team.
    • Working on needs ranging from suggesting additions to the game to localization tasks to make sure text fits our the mood.
    • Analyzing the mobile market to find references and develop comparative studies to inform our content direction.